In the UK, the majority of front doors open inwards. 

However, if you look to the east, in some Scandanavian and European countries their front doors open outwards. 

Have you ever wondered which is actually the best and should your front door open inwards or outwards? 

In this article, we take a look at some of the pros and cons of inward and outward swinging front doors and answer which is best for your home. 

Inward-opening doors


  • Security 

The main and the most important advantage  of  front doors opening inwards as opposed to outwards is security.

An inward-opening front door is a more secure option, as outward-opening doors have hinges that are located on the outside of the door, leaving them exposed to intruders. 

  • Practicality 

Imagine –  someone rings the doorbell and as you go to answer the door, your front door opens in their face. 

With an inward-opening front door, this eliminates the risk of knocking out your guests with your front door. 


  • Space consuming 

A drawback of an inward swinging door is that when the door is opened, it can take up a considerable amount of  room. In small hallways this might become an issue.

Outward-opening door 


  • Safety 

In a fire or any emergency, an outward-opening door is the safest option, making exiting easier. 

This is why fire exits are most commonly outward swinging doors, where an easy exit is vital. 

  • Space-saving 

An outward-opening exterior door can help increase interior space. 

In smaller houses, space is valuable so choosing an outward exterior door helps to make the most of all the space that is available. 


  • Security

Despite all their benefits, an outward-opening door is very vulnerable to intruders. 

On outward-opening doors the hinges are on the outside of the door, meaning that they are exposed and can be removed with just a screwdriver. 

Outward or inward opening door? 

You are probably wondering  which type you  should choose now – an outward or inward-opening front door? Whilst they both have their individual advantages, it is mainly down to your personal preference. 

However, if you decide on an outward-opening front door, there are rules and regulations that you must adhere to. 

Whichever you choose, it is important to choose a quality front door. 

At Riverside Double Glazing, we only supply the finest quality door, built to the highest specifications. 

With a vast selection of doors to choose from, you will find the right door for your home. 

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