Roof lanterns are designed to allow more natural light into a flat roof extension. Not only do they allow natural light into the room, but they can also act as a way of making a room more elegant through its glass panes, coloured frame, and different style options.

But if you have a flat roof, you may be wondering if a roof lantern is a good idea.

We’ll take a look at some of the benefits of a roof lantern and why people choose them.

Benefits of a roof lantern

Up and down Southampton and Hampshire, as well as across the UK, homeowners are choosing to install roof lanterns. Roof lanterns are particularly common in self-build projects.

There are a number of reasons why.

Natural light

Roof lanterns are designed to allow extra light into a room. In this sense, they’re similar to a window. But due to their design, they can be angled in a particular way to maximise the amount of natural light by being angled to let in as much light in throughout the full daylight cycle.


More than ever before, roof lanterns are available in a wider range of styles and colours. At Riverside, we’ve recently launched a new black option for our roof lanterns. This wide choice allows you to match your roof lantern to the design of your home.


As noted previously, roof lanterns are able to be angled specifically to deliver the maximum natural light benefit, bespoke to your property. 20 or 30-degree pitches are available.

Is a roof lantern a good idea for my property?

If you have a flat roof and you’re struggling to get natural light in, a roof lantern could be a great idea for your property, as it will allow a more fine-tuned approach to letting in the natural light.

Even for rooms with sufficient natural light, a roof lantern can add a sense of beauty to a room, whilst providing a great way to view the outdoors from inside.
If you live in the Southampton or Hampshire areas, Riverside Double Glazing would be happy to discuss a new roof lantern installation project with you. Find out more about our roof lantern options here.