Aluminium windows are an increasingly popular option for new windows, mainly for their  durability and long lifespan. 

But like all windows, aluminium windows‘ appearance can fade over time and it might be time for a fresh lick of paint. 

The question is, can you paint aluminium windows? In short, yes. 

Painting Aluminium Windows

Can you paint aluminium windows?

Painting your aluminium windows can be a perfect way to add a splash of colour to a faded or dull window frame. 

However, how long your paint job lasts depends on the preparation done beforehand. 

In order for the paint to stick to the frame, it is important that the window is prepped and primed properly. 

Before continuing, we advise you to refer to manufacturer instructions. This acts as a general guide and we are not responsible for the results of the work carried out.

How to paint aluminium windows?

Step 1: Preparation


The first thing you want to do is to give your window frame a proper clean. 

Take a microfibre cloth and soak a section of it with 90% isopropyl alcohol.

Rub the frames of your window to remove any marks and dirt.

Using isopropyl alcohol will make it easier to remove any surface stains from your window frame. 

Cleaning with isopropyl alcohol as opposed to soapy water means that it will be dry in seconds as isopropyl alcohol evaporates very quickly. 

This will save you some time. 

Tape around the window frame

It is a good idea to tape around the inside of the window frame, where the window frame and the glass meets, to protect the glass from drips and splatters. 

We recommend you use masking tape or painter’s tape. 

For extra protection, you can cover the glass with newspaper. 

No matter how hard you try, paint has the ability to find its way onto areas you don’t want it. For an easier clean-up process, we advise you having a bottle of white spirit ready. 

Step 2: Priming 

It is important that metal is primed properly before painting so that the paint adheres correctly. 

Apply a coat of metal primer, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

The metal primer acts as an undercoat, ensuring that the paint sticks to the metal. 

Wait for the primer to dry before painting. 

Step 3 : Painting

Now your window frame has been prepped and primed, it’s time for painting.

There are many choices of paint that you can use to paint aluminum windows.

Acrylic latex paint and powder coated paint are both good choices as they offer longevity. 

Firstly, open the paint you will be using and mix the paint with a stirrer for about a minute to even out the colour. 

Next, dip a relatively small paintbrush into the paint and scrape any excess paint onto the side of the tin. 

Smoothly apply the paint onto the metal frame, dragging the paintbrush up and down slowly. 

Apply several coats to the frame until no metal is showing through.

Allow each coat to dry before applying the next coat. 

Once the last coat is dry, you can remove the tape from the glass. 

If any paint has found its way onto the glass, use a scraper to scrape off any paint, taking caution not to scratch or damage the glass. 

You can also use white spirit on the glass to remove excess paint by soaking a rag or cloth and scrubbing. 

You now have a freshly painted aluminium frame. 

Caring for your aluminium windows 

The aftercare of a freshly-painted aluminium window is just as important to ensure that the colour lasts. 

You should regularly clean your window frame to remove any dirt and dust that builds up over time. 

Avoid cleaning your newly-painted window with anything too abrasive so you don’t damage the paintwork. Warm soapy water will do nicely. 

Keep your windows clean and the colour will last. 

New or replacement aluminium windows

Sometimes there are things that a fresh lick of paint can’t cover and you may need a replacement window.

When looking for a new or replacement aluminium windows, it is important to choose an installer that you can trust. 

At Riverside Double Glazing, we are focused on delivering the highest standard installation, supplying the highest quality products and providing a great service. 

With over 16 years of experience, we have built a reputation for our services that our customers can rely on. 

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