You can say what you like about the British weather, but it’s certainly exciting. We can go from torrential rain one day to bright sunshine the next, and there’s hardly a couple of weeks between bobble hats and barbecues. And while we cannot always predict what the weather is going to do, we can at least be prepared for it. 

Double glazing is the perfect way to maintain the temperature in your home, keeping you warm and cosy in the winter and ensuring your home stays cooler in the summer.

But if you really want to be prepared for the warmest days the summer has to offer, consider investing in bi-fold doors

What are bi-fold doors? 

Bi-fold doors are double glazed patio doors that offer a wider opening for your home. Unlike traditional sliding doors or French-style doors, bi-fold doors open up to almost the full width of the doorway by collapsing on themselves. 

Air circulation 

The immediate and obvious benefit to bi-fold doors is that they allow more of the hot air to escape your home and allow any breeze there might be to enter the home and cool you down.

By creating as wide a space as possible between your home and the outdoors, it’s almost like sitting outside, but from the comfort of your lounge or dining room. 

Solar controlled double glazing 

All that glass comes with a trade-off and with sun shining through for prolonged periods of time, the room can get very warm, very quickly. This isn’t ideal if you want to keep the doors closed for a time, for instance if it’s windy or if you’re trying to keep a pet indoors.

Solar controlled glazing can fix that issue for you.

This type of glazing allows the light to enter, but deflects as much as 50% of the heat, so you can benefit from the increased light without your home getting too hot. 

Bringing the outside in 

As well as the cooling benefits of bi-fold doors, they are a great way to open up your home to the outside.

Children and pets can easily pass through into the garden, and you can dine, relax or entertain, creating more space for you and any guests you might have. Or, you can simply unwind with a glass of wine on a summer evening, feeling the gentle breeze while you sit and read a book in your favourite easy chair. 

Bi-fold doors are a fantastic investment for anybody wanting to get the most out of the summer and keep their home cool during any unexpected heat waves.

At Riverside Double Glazing, we provide bi-fold doors in a wide range of styles and finishes to complement any home.