For many of us, to live by the sea is the dream. However, the salty air and strong winds that can come with it can be a nightmare for your windows and doors.

The salt can cause corrosion and the strong winds can damage your window and door frames. That’s why it is important to choose windows and doors that can withstand the elements. 

But which types of windows and doors are best suited for coastal living? Let’s take a closer look at a few.

Windows and doors suitable for coastal homes

  1. Aluminium windows

If you’re planning to live by the coast, your windows must be made of tough material. Aluminium windows are one of the most durable types of windows available. As well as being weatherproof, aluminium is also rust and fade resistant. No matter the elements, aluminium windows have you covered. 

  1. Composite doors

Salt corrosion is one of the biggest problems your doors will face when living near the sea. Luckily, with a composite door, you needn’t worry about your front door corroding, as composite doors are resistant to corrosion. 

  1. uPVC windows 

As well as being an affordable option, a uPVC window is well-suited to coastal life as it won’t corrode and is also naturally resistant against moisture, rusting and rotting. 

  1. Aluminium doors 

As previously mentioned, aluminium windows are extremely durable and weather resistant and the same can be said for aluminium doors. It is hard to find a door that can match the strength of an aluminium door. That’s why it is a perfect choice for coastal properties. 

Riverside Double Glazing

As you can see, the type of window and door you choose is arguably more important when you live by the sea. 

Aluminium or composite, whichever type of door or window you choose, it is just as important to choose a trusted installer. 

At Riverside Double Glazing, we have built a respectable reputation for the quality of our work, the one we are proud of. 

Our team is dedicated to providing each of our customers with a quality service, supplying the highest quality products. To protect your windows and door from the coastal elements in Southampton, contact the Riverside Double Glazing team today.